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Nintendo Went Head-to-Head Against Real Dairy Farmers in 1-2-Switch

by Kyle Hanson


1-2-Switch made gamers both curious and uncomfortable with its cow milking minigame. Just one of 28 games included in the entire experience, milking cows using the Switch Joy-Con looks hilarious and features some very intentionally odd mechanics. The minigame became a bit of a meme online for various reasons, and it drew the attention of some real dairy farmers. After what many though was a joke challenge, Nintendo actually went head-to-head against these experienced milkers at Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock, Vermont.

The event took place earlier today with gamers from Nintendo facing off against the real dairy farmers in the milking minigame from 1-2-Switch. You can see a picture from the event above, and more are right here.

1-2-Switch was seen by many as a possible Wii Sports style pack-in game, but Nintendo chose to sell it at retail instead. It has 28 minigames, so that feels like a lot of content, but most are very small experiences. Few have seen the game as a true system seller, but it does seem to offer some quality gaming fun for your brand new Switch.

The Switch launched with a lot of great games, which we broke down right here. The system has been billed as a Zelda machine by many, as Breath of the Wild is pretty much worth the price of admission by itself. However, Nintendo did a good job of putting together a solid launch lineup, with a plethora of AAA and indie gaming options across various genres.

1-2-Switch might have disappointed many, but it still could deliver the type of gaming experience that you are looking for. It works well as a travel game, requiring nothing more than two players and the included Joy-Con that attach to the system during handheld play.

Have you played 1-2-Switch? Was it a good addition to your growing Switch lineup?

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