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Nintendo Announces June NES Switch Online Games

Double Dragon II, City Connection, and Volleyball are coming this month.

by Dylan Siegler


May has now come and gone and the start of June means three more NES games will soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. This month, Double Dragon II: The RevengeVolleyball, and City Connection join the subscription service’s NES lineup.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game originally released in arcades in 1988 before getting ported to the NES the following year. The biggest distinguishing factor between this game and its predecessor is that this sequel allows for two players to play at the same time in co-op fashion. The original Double Dragon is already available on the Switch Online’s NES app. Volleyball was originally released for the Famicom Disk System in 1986 before coming to the NES the next year. It is, as you could probably guess, a game emulating the sport Volleyball and allows players to control teams of six to compete in the sport. City Connection is a platforming game that was also originally an arcade game before later getting ported to the NES.

These three games will join a lineup of more than forty other NES games available to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service next week on Wednesday, June 12.

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