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Nintendo Building App Store For Wii U

by William Schwartz


Nintendo might be making a giant leap towards parity with the current generation of consoles if recent rumors about an App Store for the upcoming Wii U hold true.  The Daily reports that Nintendo is “stealthily” building an app store that will house numerous types of applications to be used on Nintendo’s next generation of consoles, and plans to implement the store upon launch of the next generation system.  It is also reported that non-gaming apps will be made available for use on the console’s tablet controller running stand-alone.

The Daily builds the controller to be multi-functional with the ability to check email, browse the web, use social applications, and of course use apps from the rumored to be en-route app store.

While none of these specifics have been made public by Nintendo in regards to its plans for the new system, 2012 is the expected release of the console. It be nice to assume that with CES just around the corner, and Nintendo’s presence at the show, we’d hear more about the finer points of the console.  However, Nintendo has already made it clear that they would not be offering any new details concerning the console than those that were readily made available at E3 2011.

With E3 2012 a hair over 150 days away, it appears that Nintendo is saving the meat and potatoes for Los Angeles this June.

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