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Nintendo Direct Coming Wednesday for Splatoon 2 and ARMS

by Kyle Hanson


A new Nintendo Direct had been announced for Wednesday, April 12th at 6pm Eastern Time. The presentation will be focused on Splatoon 2 and ARMS, two major Nintendo Switch exclusives that are coming in the next couple of months. According to the announcement, not much else will be covered, but there are often surprises in store for those who tune in.

We’ll be here to cover the entire thing, so watch for any big news to pop up as it gets revealed. There will be a few ways to watch this Nintendo Direct yourself, including on the official website and YouTube channel.

Nintendo Directs are usually big events for fans of the company. This is the first to hit following the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March, so fans should be especially excited for this one. While it will definitely focus on Splatoon 2 and ARMS, it wouldn’t be too shocking for the company to take this opportunity to discuss other games, or even features that Switch owners are still waiting on.

We still don’t have any official information about how Switch will handle the Virtual Console. Could Nintendo finally get their act together on that front and deliver the classic gaming experience that we’ve all been waiting for? Probably not, but maybe we’ll get some release date info or something.

The Switch’s online service is still very much in question as well. It’s currently free, but paid subscriptions are set to start later this year. What special features will it include in the membership, and how much will it cost could be key pieces of info that are revealed in this Nintendo Direct.

The Switch is off to a great start, still regularly selling out any restocks that are supplied. There is a danger though that once the wonder of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wears off players begin to drift away. Hopefully this Nintendo Direct delivers and keeps that momentum going.

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