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Nintendo Launches Their Own E3 2019 Website

Nintendo gets the E3 hype going early.

by Alex Levine



We’re still a few months away from E3 2019, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from jump starting their own hype train. The company has just launched their very own E3 2019 website, which you can see here, and while it only has limited information, we expect it fill up with some more teases and reveals as we start the slow build up to June. The only two events the site mentions is the Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championships which takes place on June 8, the weekend before E3 2019.

The opening statement follows with “It’s almost that time of year and we’re as excited as you are! Luckily, you can learn about all the newest game announcements, tournament news, and Nintendo’s E3 plans right here, so stay tuned.” By initiating their very own URL specifically for the convention, Nintendo is trying to stay ahead of everyone once again. With tactics such as this, the company might just keep this position as they will undoubtedly make announcements first and foremost on this website.

This is only helped by the fact that they will only have one major competitor at E3 this year, Microsoft and their Xbox console. This is thanks to Sony announcing that they would not be attending the annual event this year. Nintendo themselves usually don’t have a major press conference, instead deferring to their standard pre-recorded Nintendo Direct/Treehouse videos to make their announcements. Meanwhile, Bethesda has already confirmed their presence at E3 2019, and more big name studios will probably follow suit. Either way, Nintendo has definitely made things interesting.


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