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Nintendo Shares Its Visions For NX Console

| December 26, 2015

Nintendo Shares Its Visions For NX Console News Nintendo  NX Nintendo NX Nintendo

In a new statement from Nintendo, the company shared its vision for the near future and what it wants to achieve from the NX console and more.

The official Nintendo website posted a long message from its current President Tatsumi Kimishima. He briefly touched upon the company’s intentions for the NX and the direction for Nintendo as a whole.

They posted this about the NX console: “For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept and our unique software-led hardware-software integrated business will continue to constitute the core business for Nintendo. For the purpose of maximizing the population that interact with Nintendo IP, we will also enter into the smart device gaming business and aim to generate revenue and profit from it as well as to create synergy with the dedicated video game platform business.

The part about the NX console being a “brand-new concept” sounds very interesting. This is one of the reasons the original Wii was so popular as nobody else did motion gaming in your own home before. The Wii U failed to come up with a unique concept.

We should know more about the Nintendo NX very soon. The company plans to announce official details on it in 2016. It’s only a few more days until 2015 is over.

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  • Allen

    Err…PS2 eye toy…hands free motion gaming long before Wii

    • Theo

      That was just a webcam.

      • Allen

        Err….wow you are dumb (fix the spaces)
        www. metacritic. com/game/playstation-2/eyetoy-kinetic

        Hands free motion gaming, you are the controller.

        • platomaker

          If you want to get technical, gameworks (and I’m sure other arcades) used to have a virtual reality chamber loaded with tekken 2- where you’re punches would translate into the character’s punches. Same with kicks, etc.
          That’s true motion control right there before the ps2.
          I think namco made a controller for racing games that you’d twist the controller- some might argue that’s not “motion” control, but that’s not that much different that the Wiimote’s gyro sensors.

    • Sega Activator.

      • Allen

        Was a good read. Thank you.

        “The device was a commercial failure, due mainly to its inaccuracy and its high price point.[103][106] IGN editor Craig Harris ranked the Sega Activator the third worst video game controller ever made”

    • ShyRage1

      Lol Nintendo’s duck hunt way before ps2 lol

      • Allen

        That’s not a motion game but Nintendo Glove, I was already corrected.

    • Dillon Cupples

      Have you ever heard of virtual boy? Or the game boy camera? How about hey you pikachu? Duck hunt possibly? The Sega Activator?
      It’s cool man Sony did it first.

    • Lukyan Mraz

      THE POWER GLOVE… it was so bad, unfortunately. and it pretty much worked exactly like the wii.

    • ..

      dream eye, power glove, sega activator,

      go ahead and live in your fantasy world.

      hey maybe if you actually gamed you would know these things

      • Allen

        Way to rely on others that already answered. I do stand corrected but eye toy looks to be the first successful and useful motion peripheral until WiiMote and then PS Move made what WiiMote should have been.

        I knew about power glove but didn’t realize it was a motion device, I never got a chance to get my hands on one or bothered looking it up. Activator –

        “The device was a commercial failure, due mainly to its inaccuracy and its high price point.[103][106] IGN editor Craig Harris ranked the Sega Activator the third worst video game controller ever made”

        • ..

          Doesn’t matter if it was the best or worse, bottom line is nintendo and sega had motion before sony copied them,

          Nobody else mentioned the dream eye either,

          Just keep pretending to game :)

          • Allen

            As I said I stood corrected. You see I invite to be proven wrong, I enjoy gaming and exploring them with the community. I don’t mind being proven wrong so that I’m not out there dumbing down the community like these xbox fanboys are.

            That’s the difference between you and I.

          • ..

            I’m only a douche to you. You deserve it and seem to love the attention :)

          • Allen

            I seem to love the attention? You are the one that follows me around the net like a lost dog and yeah you are a douche because you are personally offended by me pwning you so many times with no capable come back whatsoever.

            It’s okay though, I know what you were trying to say. We both love writing about games and trolling people. It just so happens that you have to lie and try to find alternate ways to attack and I simply rely on spouting a few cold hard facts that make these weak trolls crumble and steam.

          • ..

            Yeah. I lie. You are the one calling yourself a gamer

          • ..

            You also seem to confuse facts with opinion

          • Allen

            As I said DieYoMoFo was my original PSN but it got banned because some kid complained about my name. ShoeStringNinja is now the DieYoMoFo account which is my PS+ account and my family account. I already had an alt I made back in PS3 days so I could start from scratch in games like Battlefield without having to lose my original character (or pay for it). That alt account is iPITYtheFOOL_T which is now my main account.

            Not that your stupid comments bother me but it’s fun to prove you wrong time and time again.

            511 digital games alone on my DieYoMoFo/ShoeString account and I purchase much of my games on physical format.

          • ..

            My comments bother you very much :)

          • Allen

            Seeing as how I’m friends with William Schwartz of Attack of the Fanboy as well as several individuals I’ve met from this site I don’t think so. Everyone knows you are full of shit and why would it bother me? You are the casual gamer all obsessed with casual features on your weak sauce console, the weakest core console there is with the lowest amount of content for your casual gamer.

            All the core gamers switched to PS4 as it’s the more powerful, richer and better experience. It’s for the players.

          • ..

            You can lie all you want. You don’t game :)

          • Allen

            Thank you for this opportunity to say what I consider the facts. I made special note as to what is an opinion.


            (1) PS4 is more powerful than Xbox one

            (2) PS4 has more exclusives than xbox one
            (3) PS4 has more higher rated exclusives than xbox one.
            (4) PS4 has more exclusives in the pipe line than xbox one.
            (5) PS4 has free exclusive content in AAA multi plat while xbone has little to none.
            (6) PS4 has more timed exclusives and console exclusives than xbox one.
            (7) PS4 has gamer focused features like virtual couch that mean something to gamers all around the world. While Xbox one has casual gamer focused features like cable pass through.
            (8) Almost every game is 1080p on PS4 while Xbox is almost always 720p, 900p or dynamic 1080 (not true 1080p).
            (9) Not only do games perform better now on PS4 but PS4 will also have longer legs at the end of the generation thanks to the extra power.
            (10) PS4 is a well designed console, more power in a smaller box & they even included the power supply and accessible hard drive, unlike xbone that’s in an 80’s VCR box, bigger box, no power supply included & of course no hdd accessibility.
            (11) Dual Shock for is $60 with all the bells and whistles. Rechargeable batteries, gyroscope, touch pad, light bar, speaker. While xbone controller is $60 without gyro, without batteries, no features like touch pad, light bar or speaker. Pay $25 more for a battery pack making each $85 yet lacking the features dual shock 4 have for only $60.
            (12) PS+ is approx. 20% cheaper than xbox live but delivers far more.
            (13) Sony has a great reputation of supporting their consoles all generation with exclusives and well after the next gen is here. (unlike xbox).
            (14) PSN has been the more stable service as it has been down less unexpectedly than XBL.

            Those are the facts. The only opinion I can ever think of that I say is that PSN exclusives are better than xbox’s. Maybe you can consider me saying PC/PS4/WiiU combo is the absolute best of the best.

            If you need me to list some facts about Xbox I can but you should be able to get the jist of it from the above list.

          • ..

            A lot of opinion in your facts list.

            Glad you proved my point for me.

            Maybe try gaming instead of writing opinion lists

          • Allen

            Nope, you are lying again. Not one thing is an opinion. 100% factual & measurable.

            https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_4_games
            https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_One_games

            randomly picked a digital foundry review, there are very few games that aren’t listed as sharper, crisper and more defined on PS4.

            www. eurogamer. net/articles/digitalfoundry-2015-dying-light-face-off

          • ..

            3. Rating are opinions

            7. PS4 has gamer focused features is an opinion. Xbox has thing like party chat, supported pc streaming, backward compatibity. So gaming features important to you is an opinion

            8. I don’t question PS4 plays most games at higher res. It’s 100% fact that most people can’t tell the difference and including yourself most people don’t have the setup to require the higher resolution.

            9. That is 100% opinion. 8box has cloud gaming features that could carry it far beyond PS4. Both systems were obsolete at release I’ll bet you $1000 that both companies release new consoles at the same time. I’d feel bad taking money from somebody who is so poor.

            10. Again onion of what is better. Look are subjective. PS4 is restricted to a single 2.5 drive. Can’t even get a WD black over 750GB.
            Given you don’t game guess that doesn’t matter. I have a 2tb wd black on my Xbox.

            11. 100% subjective. I prefer swappable batteries, the far greater battery life, no stupid charge cord. Rumble triggers over useless gyro. Not to mention elite control for real gamers.

            12. Might be cheaper but value is an opinion. Xbox offers 4 games a month 2 are yours to keep. Also dedicated servers for real gamers.

            13. MLB The show 2014. Sorry your opinion again.

            14. Who has the longest outage to date? Also wher is the Stat of live down time vs PSN, oh yeah that’s your opinion.

            Opinion passed as fact. Coming from somebody who doesn’t game so why would your opinion matter.

          • Jesse

            I have a 2 terabyte hd in my ps4 that fits and works perfectly also they have a custom built hd cover built so you can use hd drives bigger then the standard 3.5 drives but go ahead and keep spouting ur opinions like there facts

          • ..

            Well aware of that ugly cover for a PS4 to install a 3.5″ drive, Allen Heffleys opinion is the PS4 is better because it’s sleek, That cover is far from sleek,
            I’m not saying my opinion is fact, he is saying his is.
            Never said you couldn’t put a 2tb drive, I said you couldn’t put a 2tb WD Black
            Since you clearly have no idea what a WD black is go away,
            Why are PS fanboys always so dumb

          • Allen

            Wow so mad, ha ha ha you are ass hurt. Don’t take it out on this guy that is absolutely correct. Don’t give a shit about your external ugly ass hard drive. That’s the fking easy way out. Sony designed the PS4 to be a sleek unit, power supply included and accessible hdd. Xbox hardware is shit compared to PS4. Clunky ugly weak shit that can’t even incorporate the power supply.

            Oh and 2TB internal beats your weak ass 750gb shit.

          • ..

            I’m aware 2tb is more 750gb. You are so confused. It’s ok . I know you are poor and a bit slow in the head. Maybe re-read and try to understand.

            Why so mad :)

          • Allen

            LMAO wow you finally replied with some opinions! But let me correct you, oh how wrong you are buddy.

            (3) Me saying “PS4 has more higher rated exclusives” is not an opinion. It’s a simple fact, you list the PS4 exclusives and then you check the metacritic. PS4 has more of them. Now you could claim that the reviews themselves are opinions but we are talking about metacritic here (you do know what that is right?)

            (7) PS4 has exclusive features like friend spectate/take over mode and virtual couch. Both have cross game chat/party chat. Cable pass through that isn’t available in all countries is both a casual feature and not even valid for anyone without cable.

            PS4 streams to PS Vita and PSTV and Sony is working on streaming to both PC and Mac.

            BC is the strongest feature on XBL but it’s also very limited and looking at Halo Reach doesn’t work very well.

            (8) Then we agree PS4 performs better. We just disagree that you cannot tell, I mean why is it then that almost every review talks about how PS4 is sharper and more defined, my own first hand experiences of playing one and then the other (Best Buy) on the exact same TV. It’s 100% valid.

            (9) Ah you are throwing insults again. Feeling the weakness of your position I see.

            PS4 is simply the more powerful system, most games will not be using Xbox cloud and xbox cloud has yet to be proven. If it changes then I’ll change but for now I am 100% correct, you only don’t want to hear it.

            Both were not obsolete at launch. Both are highly capable consoles and PS4 native outputs at 1080p. Sure PC “can” outperform that however almost all displays/TV’s are 1080p so what’s the point? Then you are just talking about frame rate and PS4 does a damn good job at holding it’s frames.

            Just because PC can be 4k (even 16k with 4 TV’s that is) and 60fps doesn’t mean they are obsolete.

            and of course they are going to release at about the same time, Sony won’t let Xbox have an entire year again.

            (10) You just don’t know what you are talking about. You can go up to 2TB on PS4 all internal and sleek.

            (11) Absolutely not subjective.

            DS4 – $60

            Xbox controller – $60

            DS4 – Gyroscope, Touch Pad, Light Bar, Speakers

            Xbox controller – rumble triggers

            DS4 – Battery pack included

            Xbox controller – $25 more or let it eat expensive AA.

            Not subjective, 100% fact, we aren’t talking about black friday sales. $60 for dual shock 4 with more features or $85 for xbox controller with far less features, not nearly as immersive.

            (12) PS4 is absolutely more valuable and it’s almost 20% less expensive. Looking at games, release dates, ratings. There are months PS4 gets 5 games in 1 month alone plus games for PS3 and PS Vita. There are also articles about how PS+ is still more valuable than Xbox live. I just don’t think it’s an opinion.

            66 PS4 games
            75 PS3 games (Since PS4 launch in Nov. 2013)
            69 PS Vita games (Since PS4 launch in Nov. 2013)


            56 – 360 games (since Xbone launch in Nov. 2013)
            30 – Xbone games

            (13) MLB the show? I’m not sure what you are trying to say but the last game for PS2 was Fifa 14 and the PS2 only stopped production in early 2013.

            Unlike Xbox that dropped the orig. xbox like a bad habit. Released 360 to 33-55% hardware failure shit and then released very very very few exclusives the last 3 years of 360’s life before xbone was here (focusing on xbone, leaving 360 gamers high and dry so that xbone can have the illusion of offering more but it’s all catching up to them now looking at line ups).

            (14) PSN was hacked and down for 3 weeks in 2011 (attacked). XBL was down for 2 weeks in 2007 and it had nothing to do with a hack.

            Looking at compensation Sony gave 2 free games from a list of 5 to choose from (all high ranked), weekend of free HD movie rentals, month of PS+ (lots of more free stuff) and credit protection just in case.

            It doesn’t change the FACT that XBL has been down far more often than PSN since PS4 launch.

          • ..

            So subjective. You make me laugh Mr Heffley

          • Allen

            Not at all. I just proved it yet again.

          • ..

            Lol. You haven’t proved a thing. You read the side of the box. What’s on the side of the box is important to you because Sony told you it was.

            Always good for a laugh Mr Heffley. :)

          • ..

            If you care about graphics so much, why not get a new PC to replace that POS you have and game where lines of resolution might actually make a difference, like at PC viewing distances.
            Not that your VGA monitor will display the difference, but if you saved for a year or 2 you might to be able to afford a curved 34″ 21:9 3440×1440 like I have.(1 of many boxing day purchases)
            You’ll need to save for 3 or 4 years to get a PC that can run it though

          • Allen

            My monitor has a digital cable thank you very much. You like to talk a lot of shit but yet you know nothing and have very little facts.

          • ..

            You have no facts at all just your meaningless opinion :)

          • yodelayheehee

            Don’t feed the trolls.

          • Allen

            I planned on stopping there. You are 100% correct buddy.

  • RoseRageTurbos

    That’s BS regarding WiiU not coming up with anything unique. The gamepad makes gaming far more enjoyable with quick and easy touch controls, off-tv play, able to use the gamepad to control all your a/v equipment …

    • Allen

      Well the WiiU is very poorly marketed. That along with very little 3rd party support are it’s biggest draws.

    • platomaker

      The additional screen and that new gaming term “uneven play” or something like that- it left a LOT to be desired.
      Off screen play from another room is iffy. Everything else can take a hike honestly.
      They developed this experience that might be great for some people, but the majority of users already have a facebook that works better than miiverse, and don’t want to worry about getting involved with people of questionable age.
      “project cafe” was the codename for this social experiment called the Wii U. It didn’t take and now they have to go back to focusing on games with a device that had social interaction as their main attraction.
      Who here ever used the Wii U chat app? Don’t. Not that its bad, but even people you have added don’t know it exists.

  • anthony optimo

    Please include a disk drive for the NX so I can play Wii U games.

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