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Nintendo Switch Features a 6.2 Inch Multi-Touch Screen at 720p

by Kyle Hanson


Last night we got the rundown of all things Nintendo Switch. While we got a good look at the games, and were finally given a price and official release date, some of the more technical details were left out. One of these is the actual screen featured on the Nintendo Switch tablet, which was mentioned, but not fully explored. Thankfully we have the official websites up now, and they have a treasure trove of information, including the fact that the Nintendo Switch screen will be 6.2 inches, feature multi-touch, and 720p resolution.

Multi-touch is a big get for the Nintendo Switch, as it was up in the air until this presentation. Most touchscreen devices use capacitive multi-touch, but Nintendo always liked to blaze their own trail. The 3DS and Wii U Gamepad featured resistive touch screens, which allowed for precision with a stylus, but would only register a single touch at a time. This limited the gameplay opportunities offered by the touchscreen.

The 6.2 inch screen should offer enough real estate to handle most games. This is actually the same size as the Wii U Gamepad, but the Nintendo Switch has much higher resolution at 720p, as opposed to the 480p of the Gamepad. On such a small screen, 720p should deliver a nice experience, while keeping the battery requirements low as compared to using full 1080p.

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