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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 8.0.0 Is Now Live

Adds menu sorting capabilities and a few other features.

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic system overall, though there are still definitely plenty of features and apps that people have requested since launch two years ago. Any system changes are made through system firmware updates, of which a brand new one has just released. While it isn’t a major update, there are still a few interesting features included for the Nintendo Switch nonetheless.

This latest update for Nintendo Switch is known as 8.0.0 and is now available to download for the system. This latest update brings with it a few features that can be useful, along with some that you will probably never use.

The Sort Software feature now allows you reorder your software on the Nintendo Switch in the way you want, including by last time played, total play time, software title, and software publisher. Currently the system displays by last time played, so this is a nice feature to be able to change.

A feature that probably won’t be used much is the Zoom feature, which lets you turn on the feature and zoom in by pressing the Home button twice. This helps with accessibility on the system, but probably won’t be used too much.

Another new feature that wil be available will prevent the system from waking up from Sleep Mode when either the AC Adapter is disconnected or when you undock your system.

With the reports that Nintendo is set to release two new models of the Nintendo Switch later this year, one new features sounds like it could really help with that. This update adds the Transfer Your Save Data feature, which allows you to transfer save data for individual games between your multiple Nintendo Switch systems. Once you transfer from one system to the other though, the save data will be erased from the original.

Also coming with update 8.0.0 are 15 new player icons from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World. This includes new Octoling player icons among others, so make sure to check them out.

In addition, there are a few other small updates, such as a View All Available News Options, a VR mode restriction in Parental Controls, and the ability to change you region to Hong Kong/Taiwan/South Korea.

As always, this update can be found in the settings area under System Update if you do not have your system set up to update automatically.

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