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Nintendo Switch Reportedly Getting Premium & Cheaper Models Later This Year

Expected to be announced at E3.

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch recently celebrating its second anniversary and what a two years it has had. There have been some pretty substantial rumors from big names in the industry about upcoming revisions to the system coming in the near future and now one of the most connected reporters for Nintendo information has provided details of when and what we might actually be getting when it comes to new versions of the Nintendo Switch.

The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki is always on the pulse on Nintendo with breaking business related news for the company. His latest report revolves around the rumored Nintendo Switch revisions, where he states there will be two different versions coming.

According to his article in the Wall Street Journal, his sources are telling him that Nintendo will be releasing both a premium model and a cheaper portable model. He goes onto say that the premium model wouldn’t be as powerful as say the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro are, which we never really expected anyways considering how the current version is underpowered compared to the Xbox One and PS4 themselves. The real question would be how powerful this premium version would be in comparison to the base Xbox One and PS4 instead.

Mochizuki continues with details about the cheaper portable version that Nintendo is supposedly seeing as a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS family. This version is said to cut costs by taking away some features, with him mentioning rumble as possibly one of them. You have to wonder if this would potentially be a portable only system that does not include detachable Joy-Con controllers or just a regular Switch with lesser features that would allow it to be cheaper and fall into the portable market rather than the home console market price wise.

The announcement for these two models is expected to be at E3, with a release coming a few months after in time for the holiday season. With games like Pokemon Sword & Shield and the new Animal Crossing slated for later this year, there is no doubt there will be a run on Nintendo Switch consoles and these variations could really help sell even more if this turns out to be accurate.

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