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Nintendo Switch Sales Soar to 10 Million in Just Nine Months

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since the Nintendo Switch hit the market and promptly sold out gamers have known that it would be a successful system, but few could have guessed just how well it would sell throughout 2017. Today Nintendo announced that the Switch has sold 10 million units across the globe, marking the platform as a major success for Nintendo. The fact that it accomplished this feat in just nine months is all the more impressive.

For comparison, the Wii U has only sold over 13 million units across its entire lifespan. It took nearly three years for that platform to reach the 10 million unit mark that the Switch has done in far less time. Many suspected that the Switch would outperform its under appreciated predecessor, but to do so so quickly is quite astonishing.

The Nintendo Switch has a much further way to go to beat the Wii though. That system was a monstrous success, selling over 100 million units throughout its life. It also sold well at launch, though hardware constraints limited the success, spreading it out over the following months. Could the Nintendo Switch dominate the market in a similar fashion?

So far it’s looking good, with sales continuing at a steady pace, word of mouth generating constant buzz, and third party developers taking more note of Nintendo’s handheld/home console hybrid. 2018 will be a big year for the Switch and its future success, so watch for more on that in the future.

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