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Nintendo Switch Video Actor Reveals More News About The Console/Controllers

by Damian Seeto


A new interview has been conducted with one of the actors that featured in the Nintendo Switch commercial/reveal trailer. He says some interesting things about his experience.

The interview was conducted by GameXplain and they spoke to  Nicky. He’s one of the actors that appeared near the end of the reveal trailer and was a part of the eSports teams. The interview is 36 minutes long, but thankfully a NeoGAF user isolated the interesting parts.

Nicky said that he knew of the Nintendo Switch name since September. Nintendo must have known about the name a while ago, since it just had the codename of ‘NX’ previously.

Nintendo also didn’t tell the actors what the video was for until the day they arrived. Even then, all of the logos were covered before filming. This is to ensure nobody took photos to leak.

He is actually surprised nobody leaked out the name before its announcement. He said a lot of people were involved with the production of the reveal trailer.

Nicky mentions that they were playing on actual Nintendo Switch consoles. He’s not a fan of the isometric analog sticks since he’s used to the Wii U controller.

He said the Pro controller is one of the most comfortable controllers he has ever played on. His previous most comfortable controller was the Xbox One. Lastly he said footage for Splatoon was added in post production. You can check out more details by watching the interview below.

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