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Nintendo Switch Video Details eShop and News Features

by Kyle Hanson


The Nintendo Switch is only a few days away from release, but despite being able to review the system, some features are still locked away behind a Day One update. These include a News feature that is featured prominently on the console’s main screen, and the eShop, which will go live on March 3rd offering a few Switch games for purchase. Nintendo has just released a new video that dives into these features for the first time, and you can check it out below.

These features help complete the Nintendo Switch experience, but overall the system is still just getting started. The Virtual Console is not yet enabled, which would allow owners to play older games from past Nintendo consoles. The video below also goes into some details about the Nintendo account system, which many are hoping is used to transfer purchases from Wii U and 3DS over to the Switch.

So far we’ve not gotten word from Nintendo about how previous purchases will be handled. It’s possible that nothing will transfer over, though the Wii U did offer a discount for upgrading to the Wii U version, if they had purchased the Wii edition. The Virtual Console has a lot of potential on the Nintendo Switch, but many are worried that the company won’t take advantage of it as well as they should.

Nintendo Switch hits stores on March 3rd, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as its main system-seller. Expect to see our review soon, but for now you can check out my impressions from the early parts of the game. So far it looks like it will be worth the price, if you weren’t already waiting for the Wii U edition.

Nintendo Switch is looking like it will be off to a good start, with preorders sold out around the world. We’ll find out how big the launch is this Friday.

Nintendo Switch – News & eShop

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