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The Nintendo Switch Will Be A Region Free System

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch presentation tonight is what we’ve really been waiting on and they have started with plenty of reveals. We already told you about the release date and price, but now they have announced the much welcome news that the system will be region free.

Region locking has been a staple of Nintendo systems throughout the years, which made it very difficult to import games that were not available in the US. Very few of their systems have been region free, but now the Nintendo Switch will be.

This is something that is really necessary in today’s gaming landscape, where online play and digital downloads are so prevalent. This will mean that Nintendo Switch owners with a US unit will be able to order games from Japan, Europe, or wherever and play them right on their system with ease.

Many were disappointed when the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U didn’t remove region locking, so it is great to see Nintendo finally moving away from this old school practice.

Stay tuned for plenty more information as it is revealed, as Nintendo is giving us plenty of new info through their new presentation. In addition, tomorrow’s Nintendo Treehouse Live event will have even more.

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