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Nintendo Wii U Launch Window Gets Smaller

by William Schwartz


Nintendo fans have been expecting the next generation of gaming to hit store shelves between April and December. This rather large time frame was the window Nintendo shooting for, and today Nintendo has narrowed that focus, if just by a little.

According to a recent report uncovered over at Kotaku, Nintendo’s next generation console is scheduled for launch between June and the end of 2012. Notably this is only two months difference, but you can effectively delay your expectations of launch, at least until June.

The company is getting set to show off their latest hardware at CES next month, but has already stated that they won’t be showing anything that hasn’t been seen at E3, earlier this year. The big re-reveal is speculated to be at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, where its safe to assume that Nintendo will get the hype train rolling.

The Wii-U was billed at E3 2011 as the Wii for everyone, with a move into the Hi-def generation and a large tablet-like controller. More importantly, Nintendo has said they are committed to getting more third party support for the console.

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