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Nintendo’s NX Is Finally Revealed As The Nintendo Switch

by Dean James


The Wii U launched back in 2012 and hasn’t had all that much success, even though it’s still had its fair share of excellent first party titles. This is why people have been especially excited about the mysterious NX for awhile now and we finally know what it is called.

Nintendo first teased us last night with the announcement that some sort of reveal would be coming this morning. We’ve all be speculating since that time what this announcement could be and with it the code name NX is no more and now Nintendo’s next console is known as the Nintendo Switch

This name is definitely fitting with the console’s method of taking the system on the go. This will serve as the rumored console and handheld hybrid we’ve heard about, and it looks really cool so far.

The Nintendo Switch will still be coming out in March 2017 as expected as well.

Stay tuned for more information on the Nintendo Switch as we learn it and check out the reveal trailer below.

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