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Why is There no Grand Theft Auto 6? Because GTA 5 is Still Making Tons of Money

by Kyle Hanson


Grand Theft Auto 5 first released just over three years ago. Considering the trend of the series, fans expected some sort of spinoff or direct sequel, such as Grand Theft Auto 6 by now. Or at least some sort of hint that the game existed in some fashion. Instead we’ve been met largely with silence on GTA 6 and anything outside of additional DLC for GTA 5 and its GTA Online mode. So why is this? Well, according to an industry analyst, GTA 5 is still making tons of money.

Of course we all sort of knew this already, with the game perpetually holding a spot in the top ten sales in the US and many other territories. However, while sales were high, and the revenue from GTA Online’s Shark Cards were assumed to be even higher, we now have some solid figures that point to GTA 5 being a veritable gold mine for Rockstar.

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmed, Grand Theft Auto 5, along with other GTA properties, took in over $700 million in revenue in the last twelve months. This is a huge sum of money, and it’s even more significant because not only was there no re-release of the game in those twelve months, but it was even more revenue than was generated in the year prior to it.

This shows that Grand Theft Auto 5, or more specifically GTA Online is still growing at an incredible rate. Players are buying the game, and then likely spending money on in-game cash. If you were Rockstar would you announce GTA 6 at this point? It just doesn’t make sense, not when GTA 5 is still drawing in more and more revenue each year.

While players are dying for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, or whatever the followup to GTA 5 will be called, for Rockstar it would be a very bad idea to announce and release the game at this point. With this in mind I wouldn’t expect any announcement soon, outside of more DLC for GTA Online, or the highly requested single player story DLC for GTA 5.

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