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No Man’s Sky Being Investigated By ASA For False Advertising

by Mike Guarino


In the wake of No Man’s Sky’s launch the overall reception to the game was pretty mixed, with most agreeing that the game simply didn’t live up to the massive hype it had. However, many were also very angry at the fact that the game didn’t include features that had been promised by the developers, and it looks like it may be getting the devs into some hot water.

Eurogamer reports that the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has launched an investigation against the game’s false advertising, which mostly has to do with assets of the game that appear in online pages like Steam. The ASA claims that they had been getting several complaints about the game’s false advertising, and if they find that these allegations have merit then they have the power to withdraw said advertisements.

Also, if the ruling is resisted then the ASA can reach out to internet search providers to remove all paid ads that include the game.

The biggest false advertisement claim has to do with the game’s Steam page, which contains assets that many have reported misrepresent the game. Both No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games and Valve have been contacted by the ASA to move this process forward, though it remains to be seen how long this will go on for.

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