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Nvidia Reveals Large Screen, Low Latency 4K Monitors With High Refresh Rate

by William Schwartz


Nvidia has revealed a new brand of monitors for PC gamers, and they’re calling it Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD).  This enthusiast class monitor features all the bells and whistles that are necessary for a great gaming experience.  Partnering with ACER, ASUS, and HP in 2018 these monitors are a massive 65-inches in size, that also incorporate 4K screens that have 120Hz refresh rate, G-Sync Technology, HDR, 1000 nit peak brightness, among others.

A 65-inch display that sits a foot or so away from your face may seem like overkill, but for those that want it, these displays sound like they’re going to perform just as well as any PC monitor when it comes to performance.  What this means for gamers that want a big-screen experience is that they won’t have to sacrifice things like input lag.  Compared to a standard 4K television, Nvidia says that players will see highly reduced input latency between the two screens.

The monitor will also feature Nvidia’s Shield as well.  Which means that the monitor will be able to take advantage of all of the things that Shield offers.  This currently has a ton of different apps available, with streaming support for Amazon, HBO, Netflix, YouTube, and others.

Aside from this general announcement, Nvidia has not shared what the price range for these monitors will be.  These monitors sound like they’ll be some of the most feature-rich on the market, and the combination of high refresh rate and 4K has been a pricey one.   Asus makes a smaller 4K monitor with high refresh rate that at 34″ that runs around $1300.

Nvidia BFGD Announcement

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