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The Order: 1886 Can Be Beaten In Less Than Six Hours

by Dean James


The Order: 1886 is Sony’s first major PlayStation 4 exclusive in quite awhile, so PS4 owners are chomping at the bit to play this new game. With graphics that look incredible, there has been a lot of hype around this game for awhile now. While it sounds like the game may be an interesting experience, it certainly will be a rather short one, according to some leaks by those who have played the full game.

While it has since been pulled offline from YouTube, according to DualShockers, someone named PlayMeThrough received a copy of The Order: 1886 early and posted an entire playthrough of the game to their channel. Rushing through the game, it will only take you about five and a half hours. They did go on to say that the game felt “much longer than it really is,” which is very good to hear.

Also, this does not take into account any of the side stuff in the game as this was a straight playthrough. This video proved that the game was this length when rushing through as fast as possible, so it is certainly longer than the rumored three to five hours that had been circulating over the last few weeks that the team at Ready at Dawn vehemently denied as being true.

Regardless of the length, we’ll all find out just how good The Order: 1886 is when it releases this Friday, February 20.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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