Overwatch 2 UI Leak Shows Potential Battle Pass and More Features

Overwatch fans are going to be happy with this latest leak.

by Carlos Hurtado


Overwatch fans who have been waiting for new information regarding the sequel got lucky this time. A recent Overwatch 2 UI leak shed light on the long-awaited sequel to the Hero shooter that at some point was one of the most famous Esports titles on the competitive scene.

Overwatch 2 was announced on Blizzcon back in 2019, and since then, a lot of leaks, and speculation around the title have come to the surface. A closed beta is just around the corner planned to take place in April, and the hype for the Blizzard title is through the roof from enthusiasts, fans, and avid players of the prequel. There is not a lot of info regarding the sequel, and the leaks that have been shared have only shown some concept art that does not represent a concrete product, so players can not draw conclusions from them.

Yesterday, Jayson Kirby (Overwatch’s former UI Designer) shared some screenshots about Overwatch 2 on Artstation, giving players a closer look at the Blizzard title that will launch a closed beta soon. Among the concept art pieces shared on the Artstation’s post, players can look at one of the main menu screenshots that reveal some important information about the title. According to the screenshot, the game will feature a Battle pass, challenges, and more. Besides these features, another screenshot reveals some rewards from playing Quick Play; it looks like players will be able to earn Hero EXP and Talent Unlocks when going through Quick Play.


This leak will suffice players’ hunger for more updates on Overwatch 2; the beta may be close, but this may further players’ needs to know more about the awaited title. This is nothing but good news about the title; even though the concept art may change before its release, every piece of information is worth it when players do not have much information about the title.

All in all, we hope to see more leaks and announcements about the game before its beta. The game is shaping to be one of the most awaited games of the year so far, and its community backs this statement a lot.  Players must be ready for when April 26th comes by, the ones lucky enough to take part in this closed beta will be able to confirm or deny any of the recent leaks that have come to light until now.

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