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Overwatch Adds New Busan Control Map

Looks like the fight's coming home for D.Va

by Jacob Bukacek

A new control map is live for Overwatch starting today. Set in Overwatch’s version of Busan, South Korea, players will get to fight it out across three different locations as they struggle for control of the city. Heroes and villains alike can take in the peace and tranquility of The Sanctuary, enjoy the city sights in the middle of Downtown, or take the fight to D.Va’s home turf in MEKA base. As is tradition for Overwatch control maps, players will have to contest for each of these three points if they want to end the game as winners.

It seems D.Va is finally getting some time in the spotlight; first with her own character trailer and now a map centered around her home base. Overwatch has always had plenty of lore tucked away throughout the game’s environments, so perhaps this will make for a great opportunity to learn even more about everyone’s favorite mech-piloting heroine.

This isn’t the first time Busan was featured as a map location in Overwatch; it played host to a Lucioball stadium for this year’s summer games. Of course, a Lucioball stadium doesn’t really give players a chance to explore the area and neither does it offer all that much in terms of added interest to the gameplay. As a control map however, it offers players plenty of new spaces to enjoy and opportunities to develop new tactics they can later employ. Overwatch doesn’t get new maps everyday, so here’s  hoping this one has what it takes to become a fan favorite.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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