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Overwatch Release Date Set For May 24th

by William Schwartz


Blizzard’s upcoming first-person shooter, Overwatch, is set for release on May 24th. Following the leak of an advertisement on IGN that outed the date originally, Blizzard has confirmed the date.  Players interested in checking the game out before buying will also get a chance to test the shooter during an open beta across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from May 5th through May 9th.  Anyone who pre-orders the game will get access to the beta period on May 3rd.

If you’ve yet to hear or see Overwatch, Blizzard describes it as “a team shooter for everyone, with deep, cooperative gameplay, fast and fun competitive action, and a diverse range of larger-than-life heroes,” reads a press release regarding the announcement.

Blizzard’s jump into the first-person shooter genre was received with mixed emotions when the game was initially revealed.  Since, players have had a few different opportunities to play the game in alpha testing and the response has been largely positive, even in its changing state.

A video announcing the release date for Overwatch was published earlier today.

Overwatch Release Date

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