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Overwatch’s Hanzo Has 3 “Amazing” Legendary Skins In The Works

by Mike Guarino


Overwatch will be getting its April update very soon, which brings a new event along with new skins for many of the game’s characters. However, one character that won’t be getting new skins with the update is Hanzo, and that is a decision that has upset some fans. The character hasn’t gotten new skins since October, and many fans want to know what the holdup is.

Fear not, as developer Blizzard has not forgotten about their bow-and-arrow wielding hero. Taking to the official Blizzard forums, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that “Hanzo has 3 amazing legendary skins in production right now.” This came after a fan noted the low amount of unlocks that Hanzo has received since the game launched, with the character having one of the lowest amounts in the entire game with 69. It looks like the developer is well aware of that, and will be looking to change that going forward.

The Overwatch Insurrection event will be kicking off later today, though details regarding what it will include have leaked prior to its official unveiling. It looks like the game will be getting a new horde-style mode thanks to the new update, as well as new skins and other collectible cosmetics. The new mode is apparently set on the Kings Row map in the daytime, allowing players to relive one of the key moments in the game’s history. Players will be battling against hordes of Omnic combatants, which include a variety of different foes.

As for the characters that we know will be playable in this mode, they appear to be Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjörn. Along with the new mode comes new skins for McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, Mercy, Torbjorn, Bastion and Orisa, with the developer promising over 100 new unlockable items being added to the game with this new update.

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