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Overwatch’s Zarya Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

by Mike Guarino


While we already know that Overwatch is set to be getting its first new map next month, it was also revealed that one of the heroes from the game will be coming to another game. Blizzard revealed that Zarya will be coming to Heroes of the Storm, bringing her massive size and trademark pink hair to a completely different type of game.

This was revealed as part of a big reveal for Heroes of the Storm, as Zarya will be joined by another new hero in the form of Alarak. Some will know Alarak as the melee assassin from Starcraft, and serves as a stark contrast to the tank power of Zarya.

Here’s the official word from Blizzard:

“Worlds collide as the Koprulu sector enters the Nexus, setting the stage for battles that will shake both realms to their core. Two new battlegrounds filled with signature StarCraft carnage await: time to let the nukes fly and unleash the fury of the Swarm on your enemies. Dominate the battlefield as Alarak, the Tal’darim Highlord, a brand-new arrival to the Nexus hailing from the sci-fi epic Legacy of the Void. Don new, themed Hero skins and fight side by side with familiar characters seen through the lens of StarCraft. The terrans, protoss, and zerg are no strangers to conflict, but the coming war across the Nexus will prove to be more intense than anything they have ever known.”

Check out the Machines of War trailer for Heroes of the Storm below.

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