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Paladins Enters Closed Beta On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

by Joel Santana


After months of being in the closed alpha state on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, Hi-Rez Studios has just announced that their hero-shooter Paladins has finally entered the closed beta stage as of today.

Though, despite the game entering closed beta state for those wanting to actually play the game are required to sign up on their website to get a code. Which may take awhile to get one, as it seems they don’t release them until a new patch is out.

However, those who don’t wish to wait and have a little money to throw around. You can gain instant access to the game, by purchasing the game’s founder pack that will net you the following in-game items:

  • Unlocks all current and future champions
  • Unlocks all default voice pack for every champion
  • 10 Radiant Chests
  • 72,000 Essence
  • Beta Exclusive God Of War Fernando collection
  • Infernal War Horse mount

Additionally, those who also buy the founder’s pack that’s currently available for 14.99 until March 28th and happen to play Hi-Rez Studio’s other free-to-play title that’s also available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Smite, will also receive the Fernando skin for Aries.

Those who plan on putting sometime into the game in the near future once you gain access to the game, may want keep the following tips in mind. Especially due to the game having a slight learning curve:

  • The game features an item system that allows you to give your character extra bonuses such as damage mitigation, extra movement speed and etc.
  • Cauterize and Wrecker the two items that are used for either anti-healing or shield destroying respectively are a must to pick up in every game. Especially at the start of every match.
  • The game features a card loadout system that can drastically change your character’s playstyle. If this may seem overwhelming, feel free to visit Paladins Deck to see what the community is using for every character.
  • Essence which are used to craft to cards and legendary cards should be used wisely as currently the only way to earn more is to roll a duplicate item from opening a radiant chest.
  • Since the game is currently under beta bugs are to be expected and currently as of OB 44, the game’s current patch on the consoles. One of the starting characters (Pip) isn’t working as intended as his healing won’t really do anything. So it’s best to save up your in-game gold to buy Ying as an alternative in-case you have to pick a healer as she’s currently one of the better ones as she’s very easy to use.
  • One of Paladins casters, Rayndayn, constantly updates his YouTube channel on tips and tricks on how to play the game. Which I suggest to watch as he’s pretty helpful especially for those starting out.
  • Hi-Rez Studios tends to release a new champion once per month.
  • Despite the game being free-to-play, there’s no p2w mechanic as everything you can buy with real money is just cosmetic items such as Viktor’s code green skin.

Aside from the tips provided above, those of you who’ve played Overwatch might feel right at home with Paladins. As some of the heroes and game modes are somewhat similar to Overwatch making it pretty easy to pick up and play if you’ve already played Blizzard’s popular fps title.

Paladins is currently available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.


- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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