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Paragon Update v39.2 Brings Gadget Skin, Hero Tweaks & More

by Mike Guarino


Tomorrow marks the release of Paragon’s v39.2 update, and developer Epic Games have released the patch notes for it. While not one of the most major patches that the game has ever received, it nevertheless will be bringing some content that fans have been waiting a long time for. This mainly comes in the form of the Shellshock Gadget skin, which will be available through the store.

Along with the new skin comes a variety of tweaks, which includes the likes of polish and bug fixing for heroes Fey and Greystone. XP and Reputation boost rewards have also been removed from Loot Crates, which will likely be a relief to many players. The following are the complete patch notes for Paragon’s v39.2 update:


  • Shellshock Gadget has been added to the store!


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Honor of the Pure
    • Charging Brute
    • Nanodrive



  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Autumn Keeper Fey’s eyes no longer deform at the end of her Glitterbug emote


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Added cloth physics and sound effects to Greystone’s Epic Riff emote


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Bots will now place wards


  • Daily Quests
    • Players will no longer receive quests that require them to destroy enemy wards
      • This quest was impossible to complete for Co-op vs AI players
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when the ready check was missed
  • Loot Crate Update
    • Removed all XP and Rep Boosts from Loot Crates
    • The substitute reward for owning all common items has been changed to 45,000 Reputation
    • Added (Skin Variations)
      • Rare
        • Ruby Shellshock Gadget
        • Marine Shellshock Gadget
      • Common
        • Blush Default Gadget
        • Coral Default Gadget
        • Arctic Guerilla Gadget
        • Desert Guerilla Gadget
        • Cobalt Default Grux
        • Blush Default Grux
        • Emerald War Chief Grux
        • Cobalt War Chief Grux
      • Removed (Skins)
        • Guerilla Gadget
        • War Chief Grux

Paragon has not officially launched yet, but it is available in open beta form on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

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