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Paragon’s Newest Hero Countess Is Out Next Week

by Mike Guarino


Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon will be adding a new hero to its roster next week, and this one is definitely timed to match up with Halloween. The hero is named Countess, who is a Burst Caster hero that you can check out in action through the video at the bottom of this post.

Countess will definitely be a character that fans of more methodical and stealth-like gameplay will enjoy, as she has an ability called Shadow Slip that allows her to warp to an enemy, damage them and then return to her original position. Blade Siphon deals damage in a circular motion around her, regaining a little health for each kill recorded.

As for her ultimate attack, Feast allows her to jump to a hero and stun them, while then dealing a big amount of damage while she remains immobile.

Paragon has been getting regular support from Epic Games, as a new hero is added to the mix every three weeks. The game is available to play for free on PlayStation 4 and PC, and you can check out the Countess video below.

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