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The best part of Metro: Last Light didn’t come with the retail release

by William Schwartz


According to marketing for the newly released Metro: Last Light “Ranger Mode” is “The way it was meant to be played”. Unfortunately if you’re scrolling through the options looking for this hardcore mode, you won’t find it. In fact, this mode was held back as a pre-order bonus, and fans aren’t happy about it one bit. Publisher Deep Silver has finally cleared the air on the Ranger Mode DLC, and claims it wasn’t their decision to make it add-on content.

With Metro: Last Light being a game that was worked on largely while under the banner of THQ, Deep Silver is shifting the blame to the now defunct publisher. According to a Deep Silver Community Manager: “Ranger Mode as part of the Limited Edition for Metro: Last Light was something that was decided last year by the former publisher, and which has been active for pre-order since that time. By the time Deep Silver took over publishing duties, changing that within the time left to getting the game ready for release was no longer an option.”

In an era of patches, it doesn’t seem like this would be something that would be hard to give fans at launch if they really wanted to. Deep Silver does note that you don’t have to pre-order Last Light to get the content. As long as their are first run editions of the Limited Edition of the game, the code should be included with purchase.

Metro: Last Light has been receiving pretty good reviews, and arrives today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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