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PC before PS3 for Skyrim Dawnguard

by William Schwartz


PC players may get a crack at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard expansion before it arrives on the PS3.  The beta update which was recently pushed to Steam is currently in testing on PC, which could mean that Dawnguard will roll out on the platform before it launches on the PlayStation Store.

Bethesda confirmed in a recent tweet that the PS3 version of the patch would be arriving in the coming weeks.  They did not however, reveal whether or not the PC version of the content would arrive in tandem with it and how long the beta process for patch 1.7 would be on PC.

Before the content can arrive on PS3 the patch needs to go through certification at Sony, and as seen before this can take some time.  However, the patch will definitely need to arrive on the console before Dawnguard is released due to the addition of features that were already added in the latest Xbox 360 update to the game.  Bethesda rolled update 1.6 into 1.7 on the PS3, as PlayStation gamers are still waiting for the addition of features like mounted combat.

We’ll have to stay tuned to what Bethesda has to say about the inbound content that expands the Skyrim experience.

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