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People Getting Errors Downloading PS4 Firmware Update 2.04

by Damian Seeto


PS4 update 2.04 should be available for people to download right now, but a lot of people are getting errors and cannot install it.

As reported by Product Reviews, PS4 firmware update 2.04 is “available”, yet won’t allow people to actually install it. If you try to download it, you get error code SU-30709-9.

The same error has been reported by those who have commented on NeoGAF. A number of people cannot seem to download PS4 update 2.04. Sony didnt aware users a new update was coming this week, so maybe Sony prematurely released it.

Someone even commented that he tried to download PS4 update 2.04 26 times and failed. The dreaded error code SU-30709-9 seems to be haunting most PS4 owners at the moment. The general consensus from users is that the download starts for a little while, and then stops and never resumes.

The Ask PlayStation Twitter page has not announced any issues on the new PS4 update yet. They have just advised people to call the their support team for more information on it. A lot of people on Twitter are having the same problems as those on NeoGAF. It appears to be an issue affecting PS4 owners worldwide.

Hopefully Sony fixes this issue so PS4 owners can actually download the new update.

PlayStation tweeted this that could be related to the problem:

Update: Some players are reporting PSN issues — our engineers are on the case and investigating.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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