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Persona 5 Menus Are The Next Best Internet Meme

by Jose Belmonte


Since its release on April 4th, Persona 5 has blown people away thanks to the brilliance of its story and gameplay mechanics, but it has also earned a lot of attention thanks to its ground-breaking aesthetics, which impregnate every single interface in the game with a unique, vibrant energy. The game definitely has found a way to make turn-based RPGs to look “cool,” and wouldn’t all games look cooler with these menus?

That’s what Persona fans on the internet must have thought, since platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are being flooded with images and videos of other games or even movies or TV shows with the Persona 5 interface pasted on. Characters like 2B from Nier: Automata, Shadow the Hedgehog, Ace Attorney, Link from Breath of the Wild or even Donkey Kong have seen their world transformed into a turn-based battle with options to attack with a sword or a gun, use an item, or summon a Persona.

And it’s not just videogame characters. One of the key aspects of the popularity of Persona is how it manages to present the normal student life as an exciting tale with magic and demons, which is why by applying the game’s interface to images from films or even real people they seem like they live in a much more thrilling world. We’ve seen memes using anime stills, like one from Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and iconic films like The Shining, or Pulp Fiction (pictured above).

And the most advanced memes don’t even stop with still images; some of them even transform clips from movies or TV shows into a Persona adventure, like these ones from Seinfeld, the viral promo for Planet of the Apes and our personal favourite, from The Simpsons, which you can check out below.

Do you want to create your own Persona 5 meme? Just download this image and paste it over any still from a videogame or film that you think it would feel cooler with a little Persona vibe.

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