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PES 2016 Could Have A Release Date Before November

by Damian Seeto


It sounds like the release date for PES 2016 will be earlier than the November date that PES 2015 came out on.

BlogPES France had a chance to interview Konami’s Southern Europe marketing director,  Stéphanie Hattenberger. She gave an indication on when we might see PES 2016 out in stores.

She said“I know the release date of PES 2016, but I cannot reveal it today. The only thing I can say is that the game will be released earlier than PES 2015”

Last year, PES 2015 didn’t come out until November 13, 2014. This is kind of late for a soccer/football game as EA Sports releases its FIFA games at the end of September.

PES 2015 got delayed because Konami needed more time to polish up the gameplay and graphics. From the sounds of things, PES 2016 will be out much earlier than the month of November.

It’s highly likely we may see PES 2016 come out in late September or early October. Previous PES games came out roughly around that time of year. November is usually reserved for the big AAA games.

PES 2016 going to be fully revealed on June 12th. We may see the first trailer as well details on the game’s features. It will be interesting to see how it can compete with FIFA 16 this year.

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