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Peter Molyneux reveals Curiosity, his next game with new studio

by William Schwartz


Peter Molyneux has revealed his next game: Curiosity. This will be Molyneux’s first venture after forming the independent start-up 22 Cans, and will arrive on iOS, Android, and PC on August 22nd. This weekend at Rezzed, Molyneux explained a little about what to expect from his first game since Fable.

Curiosity is a game where players are tasked with chipping away at a cube that consists of millions of smaller cubes, in the process, uncovering a mystery at the core of it all. In typical Peter Molyneux fashion, the developer explained that the mystery at the center of the cube is “valuable, and so life-changingly important.”

“It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports,” said Molyneux. Though he did not give any hints as to what this life changing mystery might be, to spark Curiosity I suppose. Eurogamer reports that Curiosity will support micro-transactions, allowing players to purchase pickaxes with real world currency to chip away at the cube.

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