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Peter Molyneux’s New Game The Trail Stealth Releases On App Store

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While games from Peter Molyneux are typically met with tons of hype leading up to their release, him and his development studio 22 Cans have been keeping things relatively calm when it comes to their new game called The Trail. So calm, in fact, that the game has been stealth released on the App Store in the Philippines with the release in other regions expected to be coming soon.

The game seems pretty relaxing and simple enough, as you wander through colorful environments as you embark on adventures and seek to grow your fortune. You can craft and trade in order to make it big, while also joining a town to work with others. Gameplay is handled entirely with your thumbs as you drag and swipe to perform various actions.

While Molyneux had been most known for making games like the Fable series with Lionhead Studios, he has most recently been developing the Godus series with 22Cans. Godus is a god game that allows you to create your own world, while increasing your population of followers and becoming more powerful.

We’re still waiting on 22Cans and Peter Molyneux regarding official releases in other regions for The Trail, though we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that information becomes available. You can check out some gameplay for The Trail in the meantime through the video below.

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