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Phantom Abyss Swings into Steam Early Access on June 22

The unique multiplayer adventure will grace our screens very, very soon.

by Shawn Robinson


If there’s one thing that Devolver Digital is infamous for, its the absolute absurdity of its games. A roguelike where your guns are the wackiest ideas imaginable? A battle royale where you play as a bunch of bean-shaped characters? An arena shooter where the entirety of its gameplay involves a boomerang? Devolver Digital is the studio for you. With today’s Devolver Digital E3 event, plenty more games got the spotlight including release dates and fresh reveals. One such game is Phantom Abyss from Team WIBY, which received a brand new trailer alongside an early access release date of June 22!

For those unaware of this intriguing title, Phantom Abyss sees you traverse a temple in the quest of getting a mysterious idol. The catch? You’re surrounded by ghosts, apparitions of other players who have attempted this quest yet failed. Using their successes, and fatal mistakes, you must make your way to the other end of the temple, and escape with the idol in hand. With nothing but a trusty whip in hand, will you be able to complete your task? Only time will tell.

At first you might think “well that doesn’t sound very replayable” and while you might be right in some cases, Phantom Abyss’s temples are all procedurally generated, meaning that no two temples are the same. In the event you want to retry a temple though or wish to watch your friends inevitably fail, you can get a code, letting them have a go at the generated obstacle course. It’s a surprisingly compelling experience, one that should be intriguing to see evolve over its early access period.

That wasn’t all that was announced at Devolver Digital’s event today. There were many other game reveals (including some rather peculiar ones) alongside release dates which can be found thanks to your subscription to Devolver Max Pass Plus. You don’t get a say in that by the way.

Jokes aside, Phantom Abyss will be available exclusively on PC through Steam.

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