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Phil Spencer Saw Snoop Dogg’s Rant About Xbox Live Servers Going Down

by Damian Seeto


You may have heard that rapper Snoop Dogg was not too happy about the Xbox Live servers going down earlier this week. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer saw the video and responded to Mr Snoop Dogg.

A fan on Twitter forwarded Snoop Dogg’s rant video on Instagram to Phil Spencer. Spencer responded with: “Yea I saw this, don’t feel great disappointing any customers, I understand the frustration. Team is on it.

Spencer was not offended by the video and knows how frustrating it is when Xbox Live goes down for whatever reason. People hate it when it goes down since Xbox Live Gold is not free. The same can be said for PS Plus as PS4 gamers need to pay for online multiplayer too.

If you didn’t see Snoop Dogg’s video, he basically called out Microsoft to fix the servers ASAP. He got sick of the servers going down all the time that he threatened to jump ship to play on the PS4 instead.

It’s nice to know that the servers did eventually go up and I’m sure Snoop Dogg is now happy he can play Madden or whatever EA Sports game he was playing. It’s also great that Spencer didn’t react in a negative way and understood that customers need to be happy.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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