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Phil Spencer Says Holiday 2015 Important To Shift Xbox 360 Owners To Xbox One

by Damian Seeto


Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, has admitted that Holiday 2015 is an important time to try and convince Xbox 360 owners to finally upgrade to the Xbox One.

Spencer said a lot of things during the Halo 5 Live broadcast that happened last night. One of the things he mentioned is that Microsoft wanted to cater this Holiday for Xbox 360 owners to finally make the jump to the next generation.

Spencer admitted that “our largest base out there right now is still 360 players“. Microsoft was planning this Fall to see what they could do to satisfy those fans.

He obviously said the one step in this direction was announcing backwards compatibility back at E3. Not to mention games such as Gear of War: Ultimate Edition and the release of Rare Replay allows gamers to experience old games in a new light.

Spencer then said Halo is the big one that will satisfy most fans. This year’s Halo 5: Guardians is the Xbox One’s biggest release for Fall 2015 and this is sure to convince Xbox 360 owners to make the jump.

It’s also worth mentioning there is still a new game that Xbox 360 owners can still enjoy without upgrading and that’S Rise of the Tomb Raider. That game is coming out for both consoles on November 10th.

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