Phil Spencer Not Ashamed Of The Xbox One Console

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There has been a lot of discussion both with the media and gamers alike on the Xbox One hardware. Microsoft’s Xbox’s head honcho Phil Spencer has spoken out to defend the console.

Phil Spencer had a lot to say about the Xbox One during the latest episode of IGN’s Podcast Unlocked. Much has been talked about the console’s performance with many games running lower than 1080p and not hitting 60fps and more.

Spencer did defend Xbox One’s reliability compared to the Xbox 360. He said “I lived through red rings on 360 and other things” but noted the failure rate is much better now for the Xbox One. The launch of the new console “has been significantly better“.

Also as Xbox’s head, he also noted he’s “not ashamed of the (Xbox One) hardware“. He said he would totally recommended to gamers that they should buy the console. He said that the console provides good content as well as good services.

He did note however he may have changed some of the decisions that were being made for the Xbox One console when it was in development. But he said it’s not fair for him to go back and “cherry pick a certain decision” to say we should have done this or that.

He concluded the topic by saying he’s committed to the Xbox One console and is trying his best to make it a great platform for both developers and gamers.

Have you been satisfied with the console so far?

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