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Platinum Games’ Tweet Sparks Rumors of Bayonetta on Nintendo Switch

by Jose Belmonte


Today the official Twitter account of Platinum Games shared a brand new illustration of Bayonetta (pictured above) to celebrate the launch of their new Japanese account. Things started going a little crazy when fans picked up on the choice of the picture and especially the colors of the illustration. A Twitter user made the comparison with the colors of the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons, a message which Platinum’s account ‘liked.’

Platinum Games developed Bayonetta 2 in collaboration with Nintendo, a deal that made the action game exclusive for Wii U. Since Nintendo announced their new hybrid console, fans have speculated that Bayonetta 2 could follow the same steps as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and receive a remastered edition. Or perhaps Platinum could port the recent HD release of the original Bayonetta for PC.

The Japanese studio has become an expert on creating thrilling action games including Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, or the recent PS4 exclusive Nier: Automata. They were also in charge of developing the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, although that project ended up getting canceled when the studio realized they could not meet the fans’ expectations.

If Platinum’s tweet is meant to be a sign of a future release, we will probably not have to wait too long to know more details.


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