Attack of the Fanboy

Play as Kojima himself in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

by William Schwartz


Hideo Kojima may have bid his fond farewells to the Metal Gear franchise, but the fans, it seems, aren’t quite ready to let Kojima go gently into that good night.

While Hideo Kojima is a recruitable and rather highly sort after character in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, modders are allowing players to stick it to Konami by letting owners of the PC version of the game play as Kojima himself.

The question we’re asking ourselves is, what took so long? Hideo Kojima was a hidden model in MGS V: Ground Zeroes, and it took but a month for modders to utilize hidden files that contained a character model for Kojima and add the legendary developer to the game.

He’s a far easier model to locate this time round, and after all of the controversy with Konami, we sort of wanted to play as him from the get go.

Now all we need is for another modder to replace a good portion of the adversaries faced during the game with Konami heads and red shirts, though that’s probably taking things a little far. But we can imagine one man who might enjoy that particular combination of mods; we’re playing as him right now.

You can download the mod yourself by going here.  Hit the next page for images of Hideo Kojima’s playable character in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

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