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Play Madden 16 For Free All Weekend On Xbox One In Honor Of NFL Draft

by Dean James


The NFL season may have concluded back in February with the Denver Broncos defeat of the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, but one of the biggest events of the offseason is being held this weekend, the NFL Draft. To celebrate this occasion, Xbox Live is holding another of its Free Play Weekends and this time Madden 16 is the game of choice.

As of right now, you can download the full game of Madden 16 on your Xbox One and experience everything the game has to offer. This is not just a mere demo or anything, but the full game that you can try out.

The only stipulation is that you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to take advantage of this Free Play Weekend. You will see an ad directly on the dashboard where you can easily get started.

This free Madden 16 experience will last through the weekend and end on Monday May 2 at 9 am, so you still have two days to give it a try to see if you may want to purchase it. For those that want to purchase it after the weekend, it is also discounted right now to $19.80, so you really can’t go wrong.

Also for EA Access members, Madden 16 is already part of the vault of free games that you can play, so if you are an EA Access member, you can disregard this special Free Play Weekend.

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