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Ok, so maybe I do play too many video games

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The super algorythm that is the Amazon stores recommendation feature, just gave me a wakeup call this Thanksgiving morning.  I was looking for some holiday shopping deals, when I noticed Amazon’s “Inspired by Your Shopping Trends” section in the homepage.

I’ve since removed the image as the resolution just doesn’t work anymore, but let’s do the imaginary math on this.  Overalls..Check , White Gloves..ok, Green or Red Newsboy Cap.. alright is this an April Fools joke?  Apparently, judging by my shopping trends, thinks that the appropriate recommended clothing for me is to dress like Mario or Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. games.  Halloween is over Amazon, you’re drunk and I’m not taking your insults.

And before you want to go ahead and say, “oh, well there’s always next year.”  I don’t want to hear that.  You were trying to clown me and I don’t appreciate it one bit.  Besides, I don’t even like Mario games.  So take that.

If you would’ve said something along the lines of a knight’s armor or soldier’s uniform you might have had me.  Your brazen attempt to get me to buy your left-over Haloween costumes just proved to me how little you really know me… I’m cancelling Prime.

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