Attack of the Fanboy

Playing Skyrim on a virtual reality treadmill

by William Schwartz


Sure, non-traditional game controllers saw a huge boost this generation. We saw Nintendo have huge success with the Wii-mote, as well as Sony with the PlayStation Move, and Microsoft with Kinect. But developers are quietly ushering in a new era with the likes of the Occulus Rift and this new hardware called the Omni by Virtuix.

The Virtuix is an Omni treadmill that was designed specifically for virtual reality applications. In this video, the application is using the device to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you thought Kinect was a workout, wait until you try trekking from Markarth to Winterhold on this bad boy.

The device is obviously in the development stages right now, but the company’s YouTube page says that they are planning a kickstarter for the hardware in the future.

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