Attack of the Fanboy

PlayStation 3 positioned well for the holidays, price cuts have helped

by William Schwartz


NPD numbers have recently been released, and it’s the same old song that the industry has been singing for over a year.   Sony did not release their actual sales numbers for the period that were collected by NPD, but have issued a statement in response.  The company has confirmed that there has been an uptick in the sales for the PlayStation 3 following the $50 price cut for the console which was announced in August.  Sony continues to point out their strong first party lineup as Director of Communications, Patrick Seybold, points to in the recent statement issued by the company.

“Despite inventory constraints at retail during the first half of August, PS3 hardware sales were very strong the last two weeks of the month following the $50 price cut and the newinFAMOUS 2 bundle. The new PS3 price point, combined with PlayStation Move and the industry’s strongest lineup of exclusive titles, including Uncharted 3 and Everybody Dance, positions us for an amazing holiday season,”

Source: Industry Gamers

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