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PS3, PS4, And PS Vita Reach Over 100 Million Sales

by Kyle Hanson


In a video released by Sony intended for third-party accessory developers, they included a total sales figure for their currently running Playstation systems. According to the video, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita have combined to sell over 100 million units worldwide. With the PS3 debuting in 2006, that means the Playstation brand has averaged over 12 million units sold per year.

No breakdown of the three individual system was given. Using the admittedly unreliable figures from VGChartz says that PS3 has sold 83 million, PS4 8.3 million, and PS Vita 8.5 million. This would put the three systems at a total of 99.8 million, so more current figures should be above 100 million. In fact, with a recent report recently putting PS4 sales at above 9 million, that would push currently known figures above the 100 million mark.

For comparison, the original Playstation sold over 100 million units, Playstation 2 sold over 150 million units, and the PSP sold over 80 million units in their lifespans. The entire Xbox brand has sold over 112 million since the original Xbox launched in 2001. Xbox 360 and Xbox One sales have totaled over 87 million, with Xbox 360 accounting for 82.5 million of that. Considering the Xbox 360 launched nine years ago, that means Xbox consoles have averaged 9.6 million unit sales per year.

Aside from the original 100 million figure, which came directly from Sony, this is all using VGChartz as a reference, so take it with a grain of salt. They are usually close to actual figures, but can be off by a certain amount. Their data collection methods are included below:

“All sales estimates on VGChartz are arrived at via a number of proprietrary and ever-developing methods:

  • Passively polling end users to find out what games they are currently purchasing and playing
  • Polling retail partners to find out what games and hardware they are selling
  • Using statistical trend fitting and historical data for similar games
  • Studying resell prices to determine consumer demand and inventory levels
  • Consulting with publishers and manufacturers to find out how many units they are introducing into the channel

All data is regularly checked against manufacturer shipments and data released publicly from other tracking firms to ensure accuracy. VGChartz holds no responsibility for the use of our data – any business decisions made are made at your own risk.”

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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