PlayStation 5 Will Have A Digital Only Console Variation Available At Launch

Should help keep the cost down for some.

by Dean James

Home consoles may have started by using cartridges, but the original Sony PlayStation helped to usher in the change to discs instead. The ability to download games in modern times though have allowed people to choose to forgo physical media and go digital only if they want. We’ve seen certain systems in the past that were digital only and PlayStation is following that trend with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

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This announcement came during today’s PlayStation 5 reveal event that saw the official unveiling of the console for the first time. The sleek mix of white and black looks great, but that wasn’t the only announcement they had for us.

Directly after the reveal of the console’s design, they also revealed the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which you can see on the right side of the above image. As you can see, this version will not have disc drive at all, requiring everything to be done digitally on the console.

Offering people a digital only console will allow PlayStation to have a cheaper priced console without the concession of lesser power. With rumors of the Xbox Series X having a less powerful counterpart, this could be a wise move to give a leg up for the PS5.

As no price was revealed for the PS5 in general, we have no idea how much cheaper this version will be. If the Xbox One All Digital Edition is any indication though, it’ll probably come in somewhere around $50 cheaper than the model with a disc drive. That is something we’ll have to stay tuned for though in the coming months.