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PlayStation Now Gaikai Streaming coming this summer

by William Schwartz


Sony has announced their PlayStation Now initiative, a new cloud-based games service that uses the Gaikai network.  Sony’s Andrew House announced the news today at CES, and claims that the cloud service will provide instant access to games as a long term goal.

The PlayStation Now features will be entering a closed beta this month, and a full release of the service will happen sometime this summer.   Sony’s goal is to mark the end of an era where streamed content impacts the quality of the gameplay.

PlayStation Now will offer a full back catalog of Sony games, not only to those on the PlayStation 4, but it sounds as though Sony will be pushing to bring these gaming experiences to tablets, TVs, smartphones, and other devices.  The service will allow players to rent games individually, or through a subscription model that allows a wider range of access.

Look for PlayStation Now later this year.

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