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PlayStation Now To Add Mass Effect 2 And Other EA Games Soon

by Damian Seeto


PlayStation Now is set to include some blockbuster EA video games in December.

The biggest games to come to the PlayStation Now service next month are Mass Effect 2 and Mirror’s Edge. The other three EA video games set to be available are Dead Space 3, NBA Jam On Fire Edition and Bejeweled 3.

All five of the games will come to the PlayStation Now service from December 2nd. If you missed out on playing these games on your PS3, now is your chance to do so.

PlayStation Now is still in open beta phase for everyone living in North America. The service allows you to stream several PS3 titles in a library that is further expanding. Sony promises games from other platforms will come to the service in the future.

The only downside to the PlayStation Now service for those that have tried it has been the price. Some games are cheap, while others are expensive just to rent out for three months. Since the library consists of older PS3 games right now, it’s cheaper in most cases to buy the game than use PlayStation Now.

Sony hasn’t announced much more updates on the PlayStation Now service other than the addition of more games.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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