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PlayStation NZ Discontinuing PS3 Console Support

by Damian Seeto


The end might be near for the PS3 console as PlayStation New Zealand will stop support for the system.

As reported by ThoseGamers, PlayStation New Zealand sent out a statement confirming that it will no longer ship PS3 consoles to retail stores in the country.

However, PS3 peripherals, new releases and back catalogue software will still be supported in New Zealand. This just means no more new PS3 consoles will be entering the country.

This is interesting news, although there hasn’t been any similar announcements in other countries worldwide. New Zealanders have been buying PS4 consoles at a rapid rate, so this may have been a reason why the older console has been dropped.

The PS3 did have a decent lifespan since it came to New Zealand back in March 2007. Unlike in other countries, the console was still more popular than the competing Xbox 360 console.

If you still want the older console and live in New Zealand, you can buy one now if you want it brand new. After that, you may have to look at the pre-owned market after all of the fresh shipments have been snapped up.

This Christmas might be the last time new PS3 consoles are available as support is likely to drop rapidly by the time Christmas 2016 comes around.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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