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Playstation Outselling Xbox 3 To 1

| July 31, 2014

Playstation Outselling Xbox 3 To 1 News  playstation

Sony’s latest financial report has shown a lot of positive news for the PlayStation brand. The last quarter is showing that PlayStation brand is outselling Xbox 3 to 1.

Reporting the recent financial report from Sony on the previous quarter from April to June 30th and it shows great news for Sony. The details aren’t broken down to the individual consoles but it shows that console units (PS4 & PS3) sold through 3.5 million units and .75 million units for PSP, Vita and Vita TV. Whereas Xbox reported only 1.1 million console units (Xbox One & 360) shipped.

So in those three months Sony has generated 257.5 billion Yen in sales which translates to $2.5 billion USD. That is just from the PlayStation brand that runs the Games & Network of Sony. Operating income for the division is at 4.3 billion Yen or $41.7 million. Sony project a forecast earnings of 1250 billion Yen for their Games & Network services branch for the full year. Not bad with an operating income of 25 billion Yen.

Year on year Sony and the PlayStation brand saw an increase of 101% on sales to external customers and with the release of the PlayStation 4 saw a huge increase in network sales likely due to the inclusion of Playstation Plus required to play online multiplayer.

Later today should bring some more news with Sony’s English investor call set to go on at 22:00 JST, 9:00 EST.

Source (Xbox Numbers):

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  • Fenrir Posorski

    That… is honestly pretty damn good for Sony. Glad to see them pulling off not just a good launch, but soon Post Launch come November.

    • jaskdavis

      Hopefully it brings their financial woes for the other divisions to rest. You can bet your ass they are Happy right now!

      • Fenrir Posorski

        With the PS4 being a run away success, the removal of their PC branch, and them FINALLY doing something about the archaic practices of their TV branch, they do stand a chance of finally drawing into profit. If not for this year, for the next.


      With numbers like this its safe to say… R.I.P Sony.

      • Fenrir Posorski

        I know you are a troll, and are trying to rile me. But I am honestly curious how you came to that conclusion.

  • The PC Master Race

    Still no games

    Still a dying company

    Still a cancer on gaming.

    Just die already so we can get to the glorious PCTendo future.

    • Wizard of Peace

      Your name says it all!

      • i think its the fact that hes probally bored of waiting for hlf3,l4d3,tf3 and its made him turn into a troll .. thats what playing farm simulator does to you..

    • Lacerz

      Didn’t you just love that part in The Last of Us where Ellie… oh, wait…
      Well, how about when Drake was hanging from the… oh yeah…
      Surely you remember when Kratos… errrr…

      Master race my arse. Sounds pretty limited.

      • The PC Master Race

        The last of us? You mean that crappy SyFy melodrama that I saw on youtube? LOL what a terrible movie. Or those terrible Indiana Jones and 300 rip offs. And what was with those pressing X prompts in the middle of the movie? Sony trying out “Press X to see more”?

        • Lacerz

          Exactly, that one. The one that beat out all those amazing PC games last year. Shill harder, son :^)

          • The PC Master Race

            Wow. A Mediocre cover shooter over-hyped by professional shills because “MUH SOCIAL JUSTICE” that Sony paid to be “10/10 GAME OF THE FOREVER CITIZEN KANE”.

            2013 was pretty pathetic for gaming.

          • Lacerz

            Especially on the PC

          • i thought gta5 was pretty good, you should try it …oh sorry you have to wait

        • all of this trolling and not one upvote? yes this pc master race is so glorious

          • Fenrir Posorski

            I am amused that he is oblivious to the fact that without consoles, games on PC would look WORSE. Consoles set the average bar for graphics, so devs will try to maximize for them, then create lower and higher settings for the PC… and the reason is simple.

            Consoles act as the biggest selling common denominator, the for sure cash cow for devs. If you remove consoles, then that becomes the average computer power, which is (According to Steam) MUCH lower than current consoles.

            Also, since I am sure he will see this, so it is aimed at him. Do not TRY to say you can make a 500 dollar machine. You have yet to substantiate that claim despite me pointing out everything you need to list for the price tag. You can’t just say 3 parts and act like that is all that went into it.

    • Guest

      I think most of us already own a PC have steam accounts and play games on PC.
      But there are reasons why I buy consoles.

      The exclusives and the games you don’t get on PC. You may not like TLOU, the uncharted or infamous series but I love them. Same thing with Mario Kart, Zelda or mario games on wii U. Xbox fans will talk about halo and Gears of War. But it’s not just the exclusives it’s also games like MGS, GTA, Destiny. I just can’t imagine not playing a MGS or waiting more than one year for a GTA game.

      The thing is if I wanted a PC game I could just go buy it and play it. You are just limiting yourself to one platform.

    • Sarah

      no one plays on PC. keep begging for destiny like you all did with gta 5. you guys beg for leftovers like hobos at the red red light

    • Nobd

      Ok you have had your fun. Now go troll your way back to the basement to reward yourself and masterbate to pictures of women that will never speak to you. Just remember that you nailed everyone in this place with your intelligent thoughts.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Facts Last, post if you’re OK.

    • The PC Master Race

      How does it feel that TVTVTVTVTVTVTVTV saved Sony this quarter and the POS4 was another flop barely making any money and the PS Now Extender is completely dead.

      Go on, shill. Tell me.

      • Whiskey Red Balls

        You are hilarious. Jealous much of Sony. A struggling company that came in and is sweeping the entire industry with sales that rival the best selling in history… the ps2.

        PC is good but console and PC is way better. If I had to choose it would be console hands down

        • The PC Master Race

          Jealous of a dying company having the luck of a World Cup to save themselves?

          LOL. The NoGaemsStation 4 will be a joke and as PC multiplatforms perform better. The general public will see it for the joke it is.

          • Lacerz

            With Declines Slowing, PC Sales Still Struggle – NY Times
            Computer Sales in Free Fall – Wall Street Journal
            2013 Represented Worst Decline In PC Market’s History – Forbes
            IDC: PC’s decline is far worse than expected – PCWorld
            PCs lumber towards the technological graveyard – The Guardian
            Intel weathers PC decline in earnings report – USA Today
            PC sales see ‘longest decline’ in history – BBC News

            Yup, PCs sound like they’re awesome.

          • The PC Master Race
          • Lacerz

            Sure thing Pops. Enjoy your parents’ basement. Be sure to clean up after yourself.

          • The PC Master Race

            Good old’ ad hominem.

            PC wins on price. PC wins on power. PC wins on games.

            PC wins. PC always wins :^)

          • Lacerz

            You can’t fix stupid.

          • The PC Master Race

            You are right

            Stupid is buying a POS4. It’s incurable. Soon we will have to euthanize people before their stupidity infects others.

          • Lacerz

            I already have a PC. Obviously. I’m on it right now. I also have a PS4. I’ll eventually have an Xbox One. I can afford these things. I’m not so restricted in the cranium to limit myself to one platform.

            But stupid people do what stupid people do… so enjoy all that you do.

          • Shannon Novosel

            If we are gonna euthanize people you should volunteer to be first it will help the world population

          • jason2

            PC owners, wii owners xbox owners hate you and your trash ps4 community. Truth is your system lacks games and features and sony is poorly mananaged company headed for bankruptcy regardless of how ps4 does. Keep fighting for a lost cause….fool.

          • Lacerz

            PS4 = 94 games plus 100+ PS3 titles through Now.
            Xbox One = 59 games.

            Both systems lack features, but both are patched continuously to remedy that. PS4 has 3D playback. Xbox One doesn’t, but will in August. Xbox One has DLNA. PS4 doesn’t, but will in Q1 2015. Both have voice controls, but the PS4 can use voice controls with or without a camera using a regular headset microphone. Xbox requires Kinect for voice commands. You could go back and forth on the features. It’s a push in my opinion.

            As for poorly managed companies… DID YOU SEE THE XBOX ONE LAUNCH?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

            Seriously, if you compare Microsoft’s earnings report vs. Sony’s, everyone said that Microsoft’s hardware division, INCLUDING XBOX, were disappointments. On the flip side, Sony’s PS4 division actually put them in the black. Now, which brand looks more appealing to investors? The disappointing Xbox, or the company saving Playstation?

            ‘Nuff said.

          • Lacerz

            Speaking of games…

          • Lacerz


          • The PC Master Race
          • Lacerz

            Your image has Warframe as PC, but not PS4? How stupid are you? Warframe was a PS4 launch. Many other of those PC “exclusives” are on the PC. God you’re an idiot.

          • The PC Master Race

            “Sony’s PS4 division actually put them in the black”


            PS4 lost money for their financial year and added to their debt. It’s only making money now and still has a hilariously slim profit margin that isn’t helping the company at all.

            Sony fanboys are the worst fanbase and everyone wants them gone. Nothing but lying hypocrite shills.

          • Lacerz

            Sony rides PlayStation 4 to profitable quarter – USA Today
            Sony Posts Surprise Profit on PlayStation 4, ‘Spider-Man’ – Bloomberg
            Sony Rides PS4 Sales, Web-Slinger to Surprise Profit – Businessweek
            Strong PlayStation 4 sales keep Sony in the black – Ars Technica
            Strong PS4 Sales Raise Sony Profits – GameSpot

            You, sir, are stupid, stupid, stupid. But then we could tell that from your ignorant posts.

          • Santos

            I built my own gaming PC and play lots of games on it. I also own a PS4 and XboxOne. Games that are multi platform do tend to look better on PC over console like Batman Arkham series.

            So why would I buy a console you ask? Simple the ease of use when friends come over and the exclusives are good, plus I can afford them so why not. While my set of 27″ monitors are awesome on my gaming PC, sometimes I like to relax in my living room and get some gaming on the big screen.

            I don’t restrict myself to one system, why should I? I am a gamer and like to experience everything I can.

      • Lacerz

        You obviously don’t know how to read a financial statement or earnings report.

        • The PC Master Race

          I can read it and Sony are still dying. Still projected to make a loss and their mobile phone division is a complete failure. PS4 barely made money.

          The investors will be calling on them to sell failures like the mobile division and Playstation soon enough.

          • Lacerz

            You can read? Your grammar suggests otherwise.

          • The Idiotic PC Master Race

            You are such an ignorant PC troll. Even if Sony went bankrupt which I seriously doubt they will. The PlayStation brand would live on. It is the biggest name in gaming after all.

          • The PC Master Race

            Stay mad that PC is the biggest growing sector in gaming and will be bringing better graphics and better games all generation unlike Sony’s “Press X To Win” Cinematic 800P Silky Smooth RED HOT BLAZING TURBO POWERED THIRTY FRAMES PER SECOND

          • ?????

            Wrong, that’s Nintendo.

  • Guess What

    Facts First.

    • The PC Master Race

      Here’s a fact.

      PC wins. PC always wins.

      Why buy a POS4? Why have hamburger when you can have finely cooked steak you cooked yourself?

      • Guester

        Guess we found facts first sub account

  • kushy

    3 to 1 more idiots in the world. Own both and assure you xbox one the better system.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Don’t worry, Flopzafailever, China will save the Shitbox Done.

      • The PC Master Race

        And what’s going to save the PS4?

        Nothing. Sony is going bankrupt. We finally get rid of the Nogaems cancer and it’s fanbase

        PC wins. Nintendo can come along too if they like.

      • kushy

        Save it ?? Its ps4 needs saving ponyboy…japanese wont touch it…cause they know sony has a one way ticket to bankrupt land…..have fun on that ride pony fruit.

        • Revolver Ocelot

          Twice as many PS4s sold as Xbones and an imminently mediocre tier 2 release. You haven’t got a hope in hell.

          • The PC Master Race

            PS4 failing to prop up a dying company despite record sales. You haven’t got a hope in hell

            PC is the winner. You are only damage controlling the inevitable.

            In fact you won’t even respond to me because you literally have no arguments.

            The glorious PCTendo future awaits. No Sony because they will be dead and we will be taking a leak on their grave.

            Refute me? You can’t. You never do. You just move on and cry about xboners you weaksauce shill.

          • $113353191

            I hope they find a cure for your mental illness and autism someday. Until then, why not crawl your worthless ass back to 4chan and stay there?

          • The PC Master Race

            Derp posted something other than his copy pasted reputation management script for once. I’m shocked.

            Also. LOL.

            I’ll remind you of Sony’s failures every single day.

          • Shannon Novosel

            Everyday you post we are reminded of your parents failure to use birth control

          • Fenrir Posorski

            I think, no matter what end of the political spectrum you lie, we can agree TGPCMR is an argument FOR abortion rights.

          • NathGamer

            Because you obviously have nothing better to do with your time.


  • BobbyO

    Wow a another pony propaganda article….by the way…the world hates the ps4 community because of all these articles contantly. When MS releases hard sales numbers….we shall see how the stats compare…after xbox one releases worldwide this fall (like ps4 already has) we can compare apples to apples. In the meantime keep writing about this…so the world hates ps4 more…..look at the comments below.

    • Whiskey Red Balls

      Just keep waiting and hoping. Your argument might be valid if ps4 wasn’t ground stomping xbone in all markets including m$ beloved US market. Titanfall…nope, 10% performance boost…nope, $399 SKU…nope, China…nope, Halo cash grab…nope, Flopzilla….nope

      • The PC Master Race

        And PC is stomping PS4 into the ground all over the world but then you cry and scream whenever that is brought up.

        Stay second place, Sony shills.

        • Lacerz

          Pretty sure PC games don’t beat out console games in total sales. The biggest game on the PC ALL TIME is Minecraft at 16 million sold, and console sales have surpassed that. So keep on dreaming.

        • Allen

          Hiding behind digital numbers are we?

      • ?????

        More blind hate from a kid.

    • Lacerz

      Hahahahahaha at you!

  • BobbyO

    Classy group…them ps4 owners. See below. Your machine is in 29 more countries than another machine so write propaganda articles all over the internet bragging of sales superiority. I would sell my ps4 and pickup xbox one just to not be part of their community…in addition to the better games, features and future of the xbox one of course. Have at it pony trash.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Give it a rest, Flopzafailever. The Xbone will flop in tier 2 countries where they’re already importing Xbones and even China doesn’t care. You don’t have a chance.

      • The PC Master Race

        And PS4 is completely failing to prop up a dying company.

        Shill harder. Sony is still a dead company anyway.

      • ?????

        Preorders for China for Xbox are pretty high. Troll harder.

        • Revolver Ocelot

          “Pretty high.” 100k last I saw. Two thirds of what they sell a month in the US. 15k in Russia, 23k in Japan. I’m gonna say 200k tier 2 launch when it’s all over. There’s one less straw for you to cling to. :)

          • ?????

            Meanwhile, straws you can grasp…

            Whoops, there is none. Keep blindly hating.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            No straws. Just facts. “Tier 2 will save the Xbone!!!” Oh? What’s that? Never mind.

  • Tga215

    That is all

    • Memrek

      HAHA this is great. I do the same thing. It’s a helpful reminder that my sanity is still in check.

  • Snyder

    Wow….and Sony’s financial report for the same period shows that the playstation division broke even and the company as a whole suffered another huge loss ! This is not good news for Sony ! Considering what looks like inevitable bankruptcy and the better games and features offered on xbox one, I expext sales to swing in xbox ones favor once they release in 29 new markets this fall. …I’ll be picking up an xbox one when the Halo Collection arrives this fall.

    • The PC Master Race



      Both are screwed and Microsoft’s already making plans to return to the glorious PC master race. The true winners of the generation.

      Don’t buy a console unless it’s a Wii-U and recognize that PC is superior.

    • Tga215


  • $113353191

    Sony posts a quarterly profit and out ships Xbox 3:1, and the fanboys are having delusional meltdowns. Sad.

    • The PC Master Race

      And Sony is still dying.

      You don’t even know what a delusional meltdown is. I’m crying with laughter that the Sony fanboys are claiming a paltry profit on TV’s for once is saving the PS4 and Sony.

      Meanwhile Samsung made $6 Billion on TV sales.

      So sad. Waiting for your delusional meltdown reputation management as usual.

      Every time you post, I hate the PS4 some more and post more anti-PS4 posts. For every post you make. I make 4 anti-PS4 posts. Deal with it.

      • $113353191

        It must suck being angry and helpless at reality like you are.

        • The PC Master Race

          How could I be angry when Sony is failing and fanboys are in damage control? It’s like a second Christmas.

          • YearOne

            First of all, I doubt u are a PC gamer. Something tells me ur x1 gamer, but since no one will take you seriously you say ur PC to make stronger points. Second the only reason fanboys trash the ps4 is because they want their x1 to succeed, why? Because their gamerscore and all the games movies and music they bought… So sad. Third you really believe that you writing these comments is going to change ones mind? Thats cute. People are educated enough to see though the bull shit.

          • The PC Master Race

            LOL you really think I would buy an xbone? You are that insecure someone is insulting the PS4?

            I trash the PS4 because it’s a garbage console and Sony are an anti-consumer DRM infested company who pushed garbage like SecuROM and Rootkits to spy on their own customers.

            Oh and it’s a trash console at a liquid smooth red hot blazing 24FPS. Deal with it kiddo.

          • YearOne

            You are a Xbox gamer because PC gamer don’t have anything to hate about or be jealous about. You keep lying to yourself and others. Or maybe this has nothing to do with games. Maybe its something political… Tell me what do you think of Asian people?

          • The PC Master Race

            PC gamers don’t have anything to hate. They have plenty to laugh about.

            Your feeble little mind only sees Xbots because you simply cannot process there are people laughing at your turdstation and go into self defense mode.

            Keep on trying kiddo. You might get there some day.

          • YearOne

            Anyways have a nice day. Remember only a weak mind will get mad over video games and seen ur comments on here makes u seem pretty angry. We will continue to have our fun over herehere in the victory stage. Keep tying it away old yeller

          • lol

            You never trash Microsoft and the xbox. Are you a frustated xboy fanboy who is tired of losing xbox-PS arguments? Or are you simply a trolling PC fanboy?

            The hate you show towards Sony sort of shows your true colours.

  • Guester

    Meanwhile, Facts First has killed himself.

    • NathGamer

      And was born again as ‘The Glorious PC Master Race’.

      Honestly, I don’t know which one is worse.

      • Fenrir Posorski

        TGPCMR is worse. FF never posted anywhere NEAR as much bullshit.

  • ?????

    Reeks of PS fanboys going apeshit over outdated information.